Vision and philosophy

We understand everyone has different needs, which is why we are committed to delivering care as individual as you are.

We believe that quality care should be personalised and accessible to all who need it. Whether you’re living at one of our Residential Care campuses or in your own home with additional support, we are committed to helping you live a fulfilled life with the freedom to choose.

Vision & mission

Our vision is to be the leader in the field of aged care. To develop, implement and promote best practice in all aspects of aged care by continuously reviewing and improving services. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of older people, by providing an exceptional standard of service and care, embracing the richness of Jewish religion, culture and tradition.

Philosophy of Living

Montefiore has developed an overarching Philosophy of Living (POL) that touches all areas of the organisation and how we focus on person-directed care. POL represents our commitment to delivering the best possible care for each and every resident and client, by empowering them to live with choice, dignity and wellbeing.

More than just a philosophy, we’ve also developed a practical, quantifiable POL framework and an accreditation process to ensure that we all work together to achieve this goal.

INTERDISCIPLINARY TEAM Integrates separate disciplines into a single consultation (with the care recipient if applicable)
NEIGHBOURHOOD MODEL OF LIVING Supports care recipients' quality of life through creating small, caring and vibrant communities, which foster wellbeing and a relationship-driven culture
INTEGRATED GOVERNANCE Effective systems and processes in place to manage and monitor effective care delivery.


Philosophy of Living
Montefiore's commitment