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Montefiore offers an unparalleled standard of excellence in the areas of clinical care, allied health services and residential living, embracing world-leading research and new technologies to become a global standard bearer in the field of aged care.

It is our vision to continue to be a leader in this field for generations to come and that is why Montefiore is a unique organisation. Our commitment to providing the highest standard of care to the elderly in our community regardless of their financial means strikes at the core of Montefiore’s charitable endeavours.

This is why we depend on the community to support our work. Your donation makes a vital difference to the lives of our residents and ensures that their choice, dignity and wellbeing are at the forefront of our aims.

Your generosity enables us to stretch that much further and do that much more for the people in our care and we thank you for your foresight and your commitment to the longevity of Montefiore.

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