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Montefiore is now spending more than $12,000 each week on the cost of PPE (personal protective equipment) to help safeguard our vulnerable residents and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, rather than holding an Annual Raffle, the Montefiore Foundation is asking our supporters to donate the equivalent ticket price instead towards the cost of PPE. This cost of $600,000+ per annum is just one of the considerable additional expenses we are facing as a result of COVID-19, in addition to the $4 million per annum the Foundation already contributes to subsidised residential care for those in need.

Here’s how your donation can help:

$8   buys 1 week of surgical masks for a staff member = 1 raffle ticket

$40   buys 6 face shields = 5 raffle tickets

$70   buys 1 box of gloves = 1 book of 10 raffle tickets

$140   buys 1 box of gowns = 2 raffle ticket books

$700   buys 1 day of surgical masks for all staff = 10 raffle ticket books

Join us to protect those most at risk in our community and stay a step ahead of COVID-19.


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