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Join us to help protect those most at risk in our community and stay a step ahead of the COVID-19 crisis – donate what you can today.

COVID-19 has arrived on our doorstep, putting unprecedented pressure on Montefiore residents, families, staff and facilities as we work to protect those most at risk.

This requires rapid, sweeping adaptation on the front line across the organisation – including business continuity planning, increased staffing levels and training, developing new programs to support residents and securing supplies of essential equipment.


“Thank you so much Monte for everything you are doing to protect the residents, for being so kind to all of our parents and for keeping my mother safe in such a difficult time.”

Sue (above left), daughter of resident Clare


All of the above is not only vital in helping us keep both residents and employees safe and healthy, but has also significantly increased our operating costs.

That’s why we’re asking for your help as we work to protect those who have given so much to our community already – our older generation.

Any donation – large or small, one-off or ongoing – is greatly appreciated.

As we move into winter and the flu season in Australia, Montefiore is preparing for a situation that could become worse before it improves. However, together with your help, we are confident we can continue to provide the very best care in these exceptional times.

We thank you wholeheartedly for your generosity and for acting in solidarity with us.

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