Help at Home fee schedule

Below is a summary of our current fee schedules for care workers offered via Help at Home. All fees below are exclusive of GST and any relevant government subsidies (CDC or NDIS).

Nursing, Allied Health and other professional services are charged at respective hourly rates. Please contact us for details on 1800 251 537 or email




Care Worker Fee Schedule

Staff Time Fee
CARE WORKER (live-out) Monday-Friday, 6am-8pm $47.50/hour
Monday-Friday, 8pm-12am $58/hour
Monday-Friday, 12am-6am $63/hour
Saturday (day/night) $63/hour
Sunday (day/night) $74/hour
Public Holidays (day/night) $90/hour
(12 hours,
Monday-Friday $370/shift
Saturday-Sunday $420/shift
Public Holidays (Monday-Friday) $420/shift
Public Holidays (Saturday-Sunday) $480/shift
(24-hour shift)
Monday-Friday $475/shift
Saturday-Sunday $520/shift
Public holidays (Monday-Friday) $720/shift
Public holidays (Saturday-Sunday) $900/shift
  • A $50 Cancellation Fee applies to all services cancelled after 4pm the day before the service.
  • All care service times of 1 hour or less will incur an additional $10 charge on top of the hourly rate to cover consultation, travel and coordination costs.
  • Use of staff car to transport a client from one destination to another will be charged at $1.00 per km.
  • Live-out overnight care staff should sleep 8 hours during a sleepover shift. Otherwise, an hourly rate will apply for each wake-up between the hours of 10pm and 6am. Four hours of care must also be provided and paid for prior to and/or following a sleepover shift (ie all sleepover shifts are 12 hours total).
  • Live-in staff should be provided with all meals and a separate bedroom. It is expected that the client sleeps through the night.

Case Management & Administration Fees

  •  Quality case management – assisting clients to find the appropriate mix of care and services and adjusting as needs change – is a valuable part of our service. For this reason, Help at Home generally recommends percentage-based case management fees.
  • For CDC (government subsidised) clients, case management fees are charged at 15% and administration fees at 20% of the total package cost.
  • Time-billed (rather than percentage-based) case management is also available on request.
  • For more information on case management options, please contact us on 1800 251 537 or email