A Passover message from Rabbi David Rogut OAM

Montefiore’s Spiritual Dean, Rabbi David Rogut OAM, shares a message of encouragement and thanks as we prepare for a very different Passover this year.

Dear family and friends of Montefiore,

5780 is set to be a year of unprecedented challenges in our generation. The schools – the hearts of our community – are empty. Synagogues – the souls of our community – are shuttered. Traditionally robust family Sedarim have been cancelled and replaced by the unwanted anxiety of being alone and lonely. Unique challenges demand unique solutions, each taking personal circumstances into account.

This year our beautiful and festive  Monte Sedarim will not take place for reasons beyond our control. We will, however, during Passover reflect on that dark chapter in the lives of our forefathers who were enslaved in Egypt for hundreds of years. They suffered the lashes of  the taskmasters. It seemed a neverending nightmare, but with much faith in G-d that chapter did come to an end. The Jewish people were redeemed and restored to their national home, Israel. A strong nation emerged.

If we may draw an analogy, we can say that at this moment the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc upon the entire global family. The future looks bleak. History has taught us, however, that we will overcome this challenge and reach the other side stronger in our commitment to G-d and humanity.

Enjoy Passover within the present limitations. We thank everyone for being so thoughtful, cooperative and understanding. We also thank our dedicated staff for their exemplary service in ensuring the welfare of all our residents.

Wishing you a Chag Kasher v’Sameach – a happy and festive Passover.